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Aug. 1, 2010
InForm 3 Released!

Users can now capture photos, voice notes and GPS location within inForm on their BlackBerry. Read more and Download Today!

New features in inForm 3:

We've built on our patented award winning database and forms engine to bring the following enhancements to the product:

  • Capture Photos: The ability to capture photos in your forms using the camera on the device.
  • Record Voice Notes: You can now record voice notes in your forms and play them back.
  • Track your Location: Instantly capture your location for a form with accuracy within 3 Meters!
  • Use Lookup References: You can now import existing Excel, CSV, and Access files for use in the picklist. In addition, you can filter through your lookup data with a 3-deep relationship (For example, Country, State, City), and populate any number of controls with data from the lookup table (For example, population, ZIP code)
  • Design More Quickly: A completely new drag and drop editor has been introduced and the entire form design interface has been revamped.
  • Send Large Applications: Thanks to extra data compression, you can now send very large forms and large numbers of records to your devices easily. Create rich applications with many subforms and have them instantly deployed to your team in seconds!
  • Colors and Icons: Forms now support full colors, Icons.
  • Adjust Font Sizes: You can now adjust font sizes on all the screens.
  • Work with your data: A new data management screen has been introduced to send and receive data to/from the application using wireless or USB.


1. Form Editor Download:
Download and install the Windows Editor:
Click Here for the 3.1 Form Editor For Microsoft Windows.

2. OTA Device Download:
Direct the browser on your BlackBerry device to the following address:

You will need to remove your prior versions of the product. Please ensure that you back up your data first!
Please ignore any product version labels and packaging as this is currently in Beta.

December 2, 2009
InForm SharePoint Connector Now Available!

Workgroups can now submit completed forms from the inForm platform to Microsoft SharePoint Portal.

Details for the SharePoint Connector:

By integrating to the world's most widely used corporate intranet portal, we've given our users a powerful new way to work with inForm. Features include:

  • Real-time Wireless Sync: Forms can be submitted from the BlackBerry and they instantly show up in SharePoint. Both BIS and BES supported!
  • Custom SharePoint Lists: The connector automatically creates the required fields based on your existing inForm form definition. You are up and running with just one click!
  • Authentication and Encryption: Ensure your data is secure using the award winning encryption capabilities of the BlackBerry. Leverage best practices for authentication to SharePoint.
  • Support for Photos and Voicenotes:Photos and voicenotes can now be submitted from the device as file attachments which are stored as attachments on the custom list.
  • Multi-site support: You can integrate many different inForm forms to many different SharePoint sites.


User Guide Download:
Download our user guide to learn more about the solution:
Click Here For User Guide

Software Download:
Visit our App Store to download your copy of the SharePoint Connector Today!

January 3, 2009
Skysoft Announces new Device2Device™ Technology in inForm™ 2.0

Skysoft Systems is happy to announce a new innovation in inForm 2.0. Now inForm can be configured to share records between devices directly without the need for any integration to back end systems. Colleagues can now share records in real time between devices while in the field. Some examples of this in action:

  • Workflow allows for employees to submit records like timesheets for approval directly to a manager's inbox on the device.
  • A Mobile salesforce can share updates and leads in real time between devices.